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Création d'un compte utilisateur Brane🔗

In Brane, only registered users can perform actions in a Galaxy, by using the modular resources available through our service. So the first step to use is to create a User Account. This account can either be:

  • nominative (like,
  • or functional (like, when talking about a team, or even, if it's an API's account).

But in either case, the process to create your User Account is the same, and you'll have access to the same functionnalities.

1. Click "Register" on🔗

On the home page of, you'll find the "REGISTER" button on the right top of your page.

2. Complete the Brane Account form🔗

Complete all the information and wait for confirmation from our team about the creation of your Brane Account.

3. Wait for the confirmation email🔗

After submitting the form, you'll have to wait for the confirmation email that will allow you to finalyze the creation of your account.

4. Confirm the creation of your account🔗

Just click on the button or follow the link to complete the creation of your User Account,

You'll then be redirected to the "Join / Create your Galaxy" page. Check the "Creation of my first Galaxy" section to continue the process.