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The Universes tab🔗

In, the number of Universes you can have is not limited. So, the Brane Team created the "Universes" page to provide you with an overview of all the Universes you've created or joined. Keeping in mind that contrary to the Galaxy feature, you'll need the help of Brane Team to create Universes. More on the subject here.

1. Log in on any of your Galaxies🔗

The first step to access the "Universes" page is to log in on any of the Galaxy you've created or joined.

Once there, simply click on the Account icon, on the upper right corner of your screen, where the username and profile picture you've chosen are indicated.

2. Access the Universes page🔗

Once you've clicked on the Account icon, you'll have access to your account space, and the following tabs: * the "Account" tab, * the "Universes" tab, * the "Galaxies" tab, * the "Security" tab, * and, the "Support" tab.

In the "Filters" tab of "Universes", you'll find listed: * the name of all the Universes you've created or joined, * the capabilities you have on each of them, * the quick view details for this Universe (budget, budget consumption, and number of Galaxies in the Universe), * the resources for each Universe, * the number of members for each Universe, * and a list of the managers emails for each Universe.

To search Universes on which you have specific capabilities, simply click on the "Right" button, and select the capability(ies) that you're interested in.

To search Universes with the help of their name or Brane ID, simply use the search form on the right of your screen.

3. Change the display of your "Universes" page🔗

On the "Display" tab of "Universes", you'll find listed the same elements found in the "Filters" tab. But here, you'll be able to choose what information on your Universes you'd like to see displayed.

By default, the name, Brane ID, managers, details, capabilities and members of each Universe is listed. To change that, you simply have to click on the button for the corresponding information you'd like to see disappear from the chart.