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The Account tab🔗

The first tab in your Account space is simply called the "Account" tab. In this page, you'll find all the information regarding your account, and accesses.

1. Log in on any of your Galaxies🔗

The first step to access the "Account" page is to log in on any of the Galaxy you've created or joined.

Once there, simply click on the Account icon, on the upper right corner of your screen, where the username and profile picture you've chosen are indicated.

2. Go to the "Account" tab🔗

In the first tab of your Account space, you'll find all the information regarding your Brane user account:

  • Email.
  • Public username.
  • Phone Number (crucial information if you want to gain access to Support services).
  • Default Galaxy (the first one you've created, or the first one you've joined).
  • Date joined.
  • Last login.
  • Last update for your password.
  • List of all your Galaxies, with links to access them, and information on the capabilities you have for each of them.

3. Use the Account drop menu🔗

By clicking on the drop menu icon, under your profile picture and name, in the left column of the page, you'll have access to the drop Account menu. This allows you to quickly navigate between your Galaxies and Universes, if you've subscribed to this feature.